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Thema: YAML template change triggers HTTP 500 errors

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    YAML template change triggers HTTP 500 errors

    I would be greatful if someone could point me in the right direction.
    I have made a small change to a new box called secure_shop in col 2 in the html file, to include a logo from my SSL Cert authority.
    I have tried removing the change from the file, and even falling back to an older version of index.html where the new box is not included, but as soon as the template is activated, all I get is a blank screen (IE & Firefox).
    Somehow I have damaged the YAML template, when I change to the default xtc4 shop template everything works fine.
    The wierd thing is, the new box was working fine for several weeks before I tried adding the new logo.

    The apache logs show a HTTP 500 error with each attempt to access the site.

    What should I be checking?

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    Re: YAML template change triggers HTTP 500 errors

    This is no longer an issue, the problem was that the file rights on the (webroot)/cache and /templates_c directories from xt commerce were set to 775 instead of 777. One of the things I did while trying to hunt for the cause of the problem was delete the files in these directories, to try and force the shop system to recreate its Smarty cache of files.

    After I corrected this Smarty was able to recreate its cache files and the system started working again.

    According to xt commerce support this is a known "feature" of xt commerce.

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    AW: YAML template change triggers HTTP 500 errors

    I'm having a similar problem but when I try to change permissions to 777 like you said it reverts back to 775. Not sure why. Does anyone know?

    Thanks. Manny

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